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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

When Water Damage Crashes into Henderson, SERVPRO of Commerce City Surfs In to Make it Cool.

You may not be able to believe your eyes after you see what water damage can do to your home. When SERVPRO® of Commerce City is done restoring your home, you’ll be able to believe what you see. Here to Help®.

SERVPRO of Commerce City

Have you taken kids to the Eldorado Canyon State Park and told them, “this is what can happen if you don’t turn off the water tap?” No? That’s just us? It is impressive what water can do, even given far less than millions of years, even let’s just say, anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of days.

While water damage in your home is unlikely to result in a tourist attraction, it can result in a major mess, especially if you don’t get it remediated quickly. Call SERVPRO of Commerce City at 720-532-0219 as soon as you can. Our emergency services are always available.

Don’t Delay Calling.

Water doesn’t need a million years to do significant damage to your home.

For example, suppose a tub overflows or a washing machine valve bursts open. Within minutes to an hour:

  • Water spreads throughout the home, soaking everything in its path.
  • It may seem to defy gravity when porous materials, such as drywall, soak it up.
  • Furniture or textile stains and dyes may run and leak onto carpeting or floors.
  • Water may shred paper goods.

After an hour:

  • Odors intensify.
  • Some metal may start to tarnish.
  • Laminates may start separating.
  • Drywall starts to break down.
  • …and so on.

The Good News

SERVPRO of Commerce City is in business because the news is not all gloom and doom. We have substantial training, experience, motivation, and the right equipment to extract excess water, remediate the damage, and help restore your home and belongings to their preloss conditions.

We clean and disinfect your home and belongings, including hidden surfaces such as crawl spaces, subfloors, air vents, and HVAC. Our teams also look for and mitigate any mold or other microbial growth. We search first for the source of all excess water because the growth can’t survive without it.

Our cleaning & disinfecting solutions:

  • Proprietorial
  • Hospital-grade
  • Meet the standards of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and
  • the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Our goal is to make the damage “Like it never even happened.”

Trivia Break!

The Committee for The Truly Trivial was fixated on sweet stuff this week and on Finland. We don’t know whether they were fascinated by the country’s history or the language’s dependence on vowels. It makes everything sound prettier.

Doughnuts in Finland

  • Munkki (without a hole)
  • Berliininmunkki/piispanmunkki (no hole, sugar coating)
  • donitsi (with a hole), munkkirinkilä

SERVPRO of Commerce City